Because students interpret and process information differently, it’s critical for teachers to consider providing them multiple ways to access course content. This idea is captured in the UDL Representations Principle. One way to leverage this principle in the classroom is to provide students with multiple forms and ways to access course content. In this assignment you will identify, curate, and annotate 5 varied resources that you might use in your teaching to address the learning goals. In addition to the annotated collection of resources, you will complete a reflection statement articulating how you see the collection of resources connecting with UDL Principle 1.

Specifically, you will create a collection of multimedia materials that are all focused on a particular curricular learning goal. Ideally you should select a curricular focus that you'll be responsible for teaching during your student teaching internship in the spring. If this doesn't work for some reason, you should choose a focus that is at least in your grade level/content area. As you explore multimedia materials for your collection (you may find the links here, here, here, here and here to be a helpful starting place), try to consider a range of different types of materials (e.g., text, video clips, animations, simulations, interactives, images, etc.) that you think might appeal to a range if different learning styles and preferences. Ideally your collection of five resources will each be a different type of material, although this isn't a strict requirement. At a minimum, though, you should include at least three different types of materials in your collection.
  1. a brief description of the resource including the content/process focus of the resource and the type of media
  2. a summary of the key features or attributes of the resource
  3. how it supports student learning relative to your content focus for the collection
  4. the educational affordances (benefits) and constraints (limitations) of the resource
After you have annotated your five resources, you should then write a brief but substantive reflection on why you selected the materials you chose to include. In this reflection, you should specify how each resource connects with different aspects of UDL Principle 1. In addition, you should discuss how you see this collection of materials effectively supporting the content and meeting the needs of diverse learners in your classroom. You should upload this document and post it on the wiki page below your resource write-ups.

I'm assuming that you will work on this individually so that you can have the clearest connection with your teaching focus. If, however, there is another student in your cohort with the same grade level/content area teaching focus, you may partner up for this assignment. If you choose to do so, each student should annotate four resources and work collaboratively to write the reflection statement.

To post your work, please go to the appropriate Multimedia Collection page below based on your content area and add your contribution to the wiki page. This should be posted prior to the class when the assignment is due. The assessment rubric for this work is available below.